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Bangor Flotilla Trains at Bangor Dock

With a folk festival in the background, Flotilla 12 performed training missions at the Bangor waterfront.  The first topic was a refresher course on the operation of a de-watering pump.  The P6 can pump 250 gallons per minute and run for two hours on one tank of fuel -- which can be swapped out for another tank while the pump is running.  At 15,000 gallons of water per hour, the pump can mean the difference between saving a boat in distress or losing it.

Another topic of training for the day was towing.  To stay current as boat crew members, Auxiliarist must perform towing exercises which include side tow and stern tow techniques.

Flotilla members review towing procedures before going on the water.



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Crew of CG Cutter Tackle Trains Bangor Flotilla

Members of the Bangor Flotilla 12 review the operating procedures for the P6 pump.


On hand for a static display at the Bangor waterfront, the crew of the USCG Cutter "Tackle" (on deck) trained Auxiliarists on pump operation procedures.  Thank you Tackle!

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